We, the citizens of Ukraine, united by common views and principles, realizing our responsibility for the development and modernization of the country, see Ukraine a modern country, with a developed local government, with a strong parliament and fair justice. The country where the main priority is a citizen and his rights and freedoms. The country in which freedom and democracy reigns, where the only Ukrainian state language is respected. The country where patriotism and diversity, national consciousness and tolerance complement each other.
We believe that only liberal reforms can lead the country out of a systemic crisis, ensure economic growth and social well-being of citizens. The basis of our ideological worldview is the priority of a human citizen, his personal, economic, political freedom and dignity. A citizen is a responsible member of a society that shares the constitutional basis for the existence of a state that respects the rights and dignity of others, is committed to the rule of law, protecting itself and the country.
We believe that a successful modern society should be based on the following basic principles:
Freedom of personality
That is, the conviction that a person is born free, has the right to act on his own discretion, make decisions and take responsibility for them, has the exclusive right to manage his life, health and property.
All people are equal from birth in their freedom and natural rights. We are against any privileges and discrimination. Protecting national, cultural, religious, linguistic, sexual and other minorities is not an end in itself, but an expression of our uncompromising commitment to the priority of human rights and freedoms. The task of the state is to ensure the principle of equality of starting opportunities.
The dictatorship of law
It is the basis for the realization of human rights and freedoms: the right to life, the right to private property, the right to work and free exchange. Protection of life, freedom and property, ensuring compliance with contracts are the main functions of the state for us.
We believe that these principles can not be realized with the existence of the current model of the state. The decisive factor is the transition from the administrative state to the service state. The state acts as an instrument that guarantees the distribution of branches of power, the existence of democracy, the administration of justice, ensures the rule of law, the priority of civil liberties, including economic freedom, freedom of entrepreneurship, inviolability of private property and personal life.
The state's exclusive functions are:
Ensuring the safety of citizens, protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country;
Ensuring the activity of the law enforcement system;
Ensuring justice and enforcement of contracts;
Protection of competition and the prevention of monopolization;
Country representation in international relations with other states and their unions;
Providing basic social assistance.
Our goal is to minimise the state's role in the economy. The state is a bad businessman. Participation of the ыtate in economic processes leads to total corruption and inefficiency. We need a compact and effective state – modern, flexible, intelligent and qualitative.
One of our main priorities is the economic freedom of citizens and the inviolability of private property. That means we are adherents of:
Economic liberalisation and release of the entrepreneurial initiative;
Deregulation of the economy;
Demonopolization of the economy;
Privatization of state enterprises, except for critical infrastructure facilities;
Reducing tax pressure - reducing tax rates and customs duties, abolishing all tax benefits, reforming the tax system, introducing modern and transparent administration of taxes and fees;
Introduction of the full market of the earth;
Reduction of the state apparatus and the list of state functions;
Transition to electronic control;
Providing a basic level of social assistance to all who need it for objective reasons, monetization and personification of such assistance;
Decentralization of power, the introduction of real full-fledged and capable local government, provided with powers and resources;
Reduction of types of economic activities requiring permits and licenses, legislative prohibition to government agencies to increase private business expenses, including due to the introduction and complication of procedures for obtaining permits or licenses;
Establishment in the state budget of the upper limit of expenditure and deficit. As well as the minimum spending limit for the defense budget;
Establishment of the free movement of capital (both domestic and foreign), the freedom to invest and transfer money, as well as the repatriation of income;
Legalization of entrepreneurial activity of citizens.
The state should create a legislative field for the functioning of educational and health institutions, exercising general control and ensuring equal access to basic education and medical services.
The country has to learn to live in accordance with its real profit. Social assistance should be targeted and monetized with the functioning of a reliable system of health insurance and a three-level pension provision.
We stand for the right of a citizen to have a weapon to protect his life and property.
We stand for the European integration of Ukraine and its entry into NATO, which is the key to the country's independence at the present stage of development. We are adherents of Ukraine's strategic partnership with the United States of America. Ukraine must become a reliable partner for the allies and a strong opponent for the enemies. We consider it expedient to reintegrate the Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation exclusively on conditions that meet the national interests of Ukraine.
We advocate the introduction of a new proportional electoral system with open lists.
We practice the following principles of reform:
Other things being equal, preference is given to market rather than government decisions.
The principle of "everything that is not forbidden is allowed."
The state has a monopoly on the use of force.
State administration is impossible without e-governance and IT-solutions.
The fight against corruption is essential, but in addition to creating new anti-corruption bodies, we need: denationalization, liberalization, deregulation and the delegation of economic initiative to citizens.
We strive for institutional reforms. Almost all areas of social life need change. Economic, social, political, self-governing, educational, medical, electoral, parliamentary, security policy and other reforms are successful only when they are carried out in the interests of the person and his freedoms, that is, on the principles of liberal politics.

We are ready to take responsibility for the future changes. Ukrainians have a right to a liberal alternative. Our mission is to offer the Ukrainian people a choice! Join us!
This document is a working version that should be a connecting factor for people who profess liberal values.

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